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Bulgarian latest news

Bulgaria Property Prices up 2% signalling Recovery
After years of being more or less in the doldrums, Bulgaria’s property market is showing green shoots of recovery in 2014 withproperty prices rising for the first time since the global real estate crisis. Bulgaria’s National Statistical Institute recently publisheda report showing an increase of 1.79% in home prices during the first quarterof the year and an increase of 2% in the second... Read more..
Fascinating Facts about Bulgaria
From remote, wooded mountain ranges sprinkled with secluded villages and captivating monasteries to vibrant modern cities and swathes of sandy beaches bordering the Black Sea coastline, Bulgaria is a country well worth exploring. It isn't hard to see why so many foreign and domestic holidaymakers flock to the Bulgarian coast every summer but there is also a rich cultural heritage and some surprising... Read more..
Bulgaria – Residential Property Reaches Equilibrium in 2014
Researchers at the PMR Group have recently published a report that confirms the Bulgarian property market has finally reached equilibrium and is now poised for growth.  According to the report, current house prices have displayed increased stability since the close of 2012. Bulgarian construction output is likely to be focused on small-scale real estate projects rather than large-scale... Read more..
Bulgaria Home Construction set for 5% Growth in 2014
According to a recent report released by the PMR Group, medium-term prospects for the Bulgarian residential construction market are cautiously optimistic, with a reasonably positive outlook for long-term developments. Bulgaria's house prices have stabilised since 2012 and that stability is expected to extend to construction output in 2014. Construction is not likely to be focused on large-scale residential... Read more..
Why Property Investors are Flocking to Bulgaria
Since 2012, when Bulgaria lifted the five-year moratorium on land purchases, there has been a significant lift in interest from European investors. Despite the country's location on the outskirts of politically volatile Ukraine, experts predict that Bulgaria is very well-positioned to take advantage of the eventual European upturn. Although far from recovered, the Bulgarian real estate market has... Read more..
Bulgaria's Property Market Rebounds in 2013
According to the National Statistical Institute (NSI) , Bulgaria's housing market is now recovering slowly, amidst an improving economy. House prices are now stabilizing, and the volume of property transactions is increasing. 2013 saw the slowest year-on-year decline in the past 5 years as the average price of existing flats in Bulgaria dropped by just 1.21%. Property prices in the country are now... Read more..
Encouraging Start to 2014 for Bulgarian Property Market
The first three months of 2014 have shown a marked increase of activity in the Bulgarian property market, according to data gathered by Figures for Q1 of 2014 show that levels of activity in the market are extremely high: residential property sales are up by 15% compared with the same period in 2013¹. The residential districts of Vitosha and Mladost within the Bulgarian... Read more..
Demand for Luxury Property in Bulgaria Starts to Rise
Levels of demand in investing in Bulgaria are on the rise, with a surge in the volume of people looking for middle to high-end properties according to a new report released by Colliers real estate agents. It said that sales numbers at the higher tip of the market have been increasing in recent times, thanks to the fact that there has been a degree of stabilising in the property market in the nation,... Read more..
Bulgarian property market activity to increase in 2014
The Bulgarian property market is set to see a rise in activity this year, helping the sector revive itself. Estate agency Adres claims more transactions will take place in 2014, though prices will vary depending on the quality of the property, reported. Increased activity is thanks to more and more buyers enjoying a stable income and cash savings, as the Bulgarian economy strengthens.... Read more..
Bulgarian property values slide in Q3
Reports may be suggesting that Bulgarian property sales are on the up, but new figures based on data from realtors across the country show the average asking price for residential real estate is down. Novinite reported that the third quarter of 2013 saw a marginal decline - the fourth quarter in a row drops have been noted. In prime neighbourhoods, the average decrease stood at 1.8 per cent year-on-year.... Read more..
Regional cities drive Bulgarian property sales
Bulgarian property sales are increasing - albeit slowly - driven by activity in regional cities. Bulgarian Properties reported that transactions continued to follow their upwards trajectory in the third quarter of the year, rising by 1.42 per cent on an annual basis. Bulgarian Registry Agency data showed 59,475 homes were sold in the country between July and the end of September, representing slightly... Read more..
Garbage calculation fee method to change in Bulgaria
When considering investing in a property for holiday let, it's important to bear in mind all costs associated with buying and maintaining real estate. As any landlord will tell you, these can soon add up. However, costs could fall for owners of certain Bulgarian properties, as the government has announced that municipalities will have one year to change the way they calculate garbage fees. During... Read more..
All signs point upwards for Bulgaria
All signs are pointing to upwards momentum for the Bulgarian property market, with a new report from Bulgarian National Television indicating a rise in sales. Real estate agents claim transactions have increased by 20 per cent this summer compared to 2012, reported. Interest is particularly high in the luxury market, it has been claimed, with the southern part of Sofia and the foot of the... Read more..
Bulgaria: Property transactions increase by 29,641 in H1
Bulgarian property transactions increased by 29,641 year-on-year during the first six months of 2013. Figures from the Bulgarian National Bank revealed that during the first half of the year (H1) there were 109,636 real estate deals, up from the 79,995 recorded in the same period in 2012, Standart reported. This is the result of more and more nationals deciding to put their money into bricks and... Read more..
Bulgarian property sales on the rise
Property in Bulgaria has had a strong start to the year, with sales increasing over the first three months. Data from the Bulgarian National Statistics Agency, relayed by Postbank, showed transactions skyrocketed by 23 per cent in Q1, compared to the same period in 2012. Total units sold ended the quarter at 44,174, Standart reported. This is a significant leap from 35,821 units transacted during... Read more..
Bulgarian property market sluggish
It seems the word to describe Bulgarian property at the moment is sluggish, with statistics showing that prices are continuing to slowly decline. The Global Property Guide reported that with the economy improving only slightly and the housing market remaining fairly stagnant, any change in the sector isn't likely to occur any time soon. Figures from the National Statistical Institute (NSI) revealed... Read more..
Bulgarian property prices tipped to rise in Spring
A report has suggested that the stock of Bulgarian property could soon begin to rise, despite a 40 per cent drop in residential building sales in the country since 2008. This drop saw a large scale price drop which, in turn, encouraged many people to consider real estate in Bulgaria and now new research has predicted that this spring will see the bouncing back of prices. A report from Bulgarian... Read more..
Historical property in Bulgaria ideal for refurbishment
Bulgaria is increasingly proving itself to be a country worthy of investment, as the tourist industry continues to grow and property prices remain low. In particular, the country is an ideal spot for those looking for refurbishment projects. Historical property in Bulgaria is an attractive prospect for many investors hoping to pick up abandoned real estate cheaply and turn it into something fantastic.... Read more..
Russian-speaking buyers snapping up Bulgarian property
Property in Bulgaria is proving popular with Russian-speaking buyers. Ivan Goranov, expert in real estates, explained to Focus News Agency that “interest of foreign citizens in the Bulgarian holiday, mountain and seaside properties remains relatively big”. Russian and Romanian investors are increasingly snapping up seaside properties in the country, while Macedonians and Greeks look... Read more..
Bulgaria attracting Moscovite buyers
Moscovites looking for property abroad are heading to Bulgaria, according to the Focus Information Agency. Research has shown that every fifth resident of the Russian city now cites the eastern European country as their preferred destination to purchase a vacation home. Approximately 19 per cent of Moscovites also believe Bulgaria is the best place to buy a country house. This is the result... Read more..
Why buy property in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a veritable European paradise.  Known as the symbol of stability throughout the Balkans, Bulgaria works hard to remain politically stable and avoids conflicts other countries some sometimes succumb to.  With over 150 days of sunshine each year and an average summer temperature comparable to Spain, you should strongly consider Bulgaria as a contender with other European countries.With... Read more..
Is Now a Good Time to Sell in Bulgaria
If you are like thousands of home buyers and investors who purchased a property in the last five or six years and have decided it is time to sell property in Bulgaria, it is important to first understand what your local market is doing.Market prices peaked in 2007 and 2008 and have sharply fallen since, some properties shedding a dizzying 45% or more of its’ value and with so much inventory on the... Read more..
Hiring a Real Estate Agent to Buy Property in Bulgaria
Real estate in Bulgaria is a constantly changing market, and before you buy property in Bulgaria, it is vitally important to have a professional real estate agent on your side.  A licensed, professional real-tor can prove to be invaluable when navigating the complexities of locating properties and negotiating contracts, especially if you are unfamiliar with buying real estate in Bulgaria.Before... Read more..
The Basics to Selling Property in Bulgaria
Now that the economic downturn in Europe has appeared to have stabilized, buyers have begun to re-enter the real estate market.  What used to be a market of British-driven investors looking to profit from speculative market gains, has now turned to Russian buyers looking for affordable properties to purchase as second homes and rentals.  If you own a home or apartment, now may be a great... Read more..
What to Know About Wonderful Bulgaria
If the idea of owning a piece of real estate in a foreign country has always been a dream of yours, then now may be the best time to realize that dream.  Whether you are looking for a vacation condominium, an investment property or a piece of land to build that dream home, you should consider buying real estate in Bulgaria.Nestled in the Balkans, Bulgaria is a veritable paradise among the European... Read more..
An Overview of the Bulgarian Real Estate Market
The housing market in Bulgaria is still trying to regain its’ footing from the financial crisis that has impacted every European country.  During the hay day of real estate in Bulgaria from 2000 to 2008, home prices soared an incredible 300 percent.  Part of this was in anticipation of the country joining the European Union in 2007.  From 2004 to 2008, British investors drove the market... Read more..
Sell Property in Bulgaria in a Hurry
There are so many things in modern life that have to be done in a hurry. It seems like the whole world is on fast forward sometimes as people race to and fro to get everything done. The process of selling a property is stressful enough all on its own, but when you have to do it in a hurry, it can become a whole new plane of stress. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help you sell property... Read more..
Navigate The Selling Of Property In Bulgaria
The buying and selling of things today seems more complicated than ever before. It would be nice to go back to the old days when you wanted to buy something, you asked the owner for it, they said yes, took your offered cow, and went their way. Unfortunately, it is no longer that way, so you might as well employ some good tips to navigate the waters of commerce. If you would like to sell property in... Read more..
Before You Buy Real Estate In Bulgaria, Consider These Aspects Of Living There
Moving to another country can present you with many new and enriching experiences. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the culture, music, food and lifestyle of an entirely different people than you are used to. The ideas and preferences that you now enjoy could be broadened to include many more. The way that you currently view your life can be influenced greatly when you’ve had the opportunity to... Read more..
With Real Estate In Bulgaria, Internet Presence Is Key
The Internet seems like the place to do most things these days- find people to date; do college courses; get the answer to life’s great questions; listen to church services. It should come as no surprise, then, that the buying and selling of property be done online as well. Having a strong internet presence may make all the difference in real estate in Bulgaria. If you are looking to acquire or get... Read more..
Tips For Buying Property in Bulgaria
Buying property in Bulgaria can be fun and exciting.  It can be fun to walk through many types of living spaces and imagine yourself there.  Owning a home or apartment is like a rite of passage for many people.  You are now an adult with your own space, in your name.  If you are trying to buy property at a bad time, it can be very frustrating.A god economy isn’t always the best... Read more..
How To Sell Property in Bulgaria
Selling a home can be difficult.  There are many things to think about when selling your home such as a time frame that you want it sold by, how you want to present it, and if you want to use a real estate agent or sell it yourself.  Here are a few tips to help you sell property in Bulgaria.First, you should probably decide if you want to use a real estate agent or not.  Real estate... Read more..
The Importance Of Real Estate Agents
Whether you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Bulgaria, finding a good real estate agent is a wise first step.  Good real estate agents have the expertise and knowledge necessary to take care of the entire process of buying or selling real estate.  Real estate in Bulgaria is a rapidly growing business.  If you are looking for new property in Bulgaria, a real estate agent will... Read more..
Location, Location, Location!
It can be exciting to live in a different country from where you were born.  Europe is a fantasized place in the Americas because it has a lot of novelty.  Different customs, different foods, and different locations all make Europe a novelty to Americans.  Look around to see what features your property is close to.  Location can play a big role for many people when buying a home.... Read more..
Buying, Renting Or Selling Property In Bulgaria
Moving can be an exciting and stressful time of life.  You need to find a place to live that is in your budget, give notice to your landlord if you are renting or find a buyer for your house or apartment if you are selling.  It may seem like a hassle at first, but the end result can be quite enjoyable.  You may be moving because you got a new job, or want to try a new place.  Maybe... Read more..
Tips For Buying Real Estate In Bulgaria
There are many people who have purchased property in a foreign country.  There are several advantages to doing this.  People enjoy owning vacation homes so they always have a place to stay when they go on vacations in places that they enjoy visiting often.  Bulgaria is one of those countries of which foreign buyers make up about 15 percent of property owners.   A large percentage... Read more..
Bulgarian real estate offers "exceptional value"
Overseas investors searching for a property in Bulgaria can get a lot for their money, it has been asserted. An article for Quest Bulgaria, an online property and lifestyle magazine, stated that "much of the property available offers exceptional value for new investors". The publication explained that, even though they have risen in recent years, house and land prices are still relatively... Read more..
How To Sell Your Property In Bulgaria
If the time has come to sell property in Bulgaria, it is important to enlist the services of a qualified, professional real estate agent to assist you in the process.  Selling property is a complex real estate transaction that often produces the best results when sellers and their agents work together to prepare and market the property properly.  Together, you can set an appropriate... Read more..
What To Look For In A Vacation Property In Bulgaria
If you have ever dreamed of owning a vacation property that you and your family can visit and enjoy for years to come, consider a property in Bulgaria.  Bulgaria offers a vast variety of properties located in everything from sunny coastal cities to rural mountainous locations.  Bulgaria also boasts affordable home prices and stunning scenery without the heavy tourist surge often... Read more..
What To Look For In An Investment Property In Bulgaria
Buying an investment property in Bulgaria can be a profitable financial decision if you take the time to choose a property that will bring you the best return on your investment.  Not all properties will build equity at the same rate and the most important work that needs to be done to make money on an investment property should be accomplished before the real estate transaction ever... Read more..
Sofia house prices hit lowest level in 5 years
The cost of buying property in Bulgaria's capital Sofia has fallen to its lowest point since 2007. Novinite - the Sofia news agency - reported on a study conducted by Arco Real Estate, which found the average price of apartments in the city has dropped below €1,000 (£793.88) per sq m. In certain districts of Sofia - particularly around the north and north-eastern edges of the city -... Read more..
Things To Consider With Real Estate In Bulgaria
Purchasing any sort of real estate in Bulgaria is a big investment, especially if you are purchasing from another country, like the United States. There are some people who understand how to make a profit by purchasing such property and renting it out to Bulgarian residents or expats from other countries. If you are just starting into investing with real estate, it can be very important... Read more..
3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Real Estate In Bulgaria
Purchasing real estate in Bulgaria might seem like a great investment to some people. Real estate can be an awesome and profitable investment if carried out correctly. It can be very wise to get educated on the risks involved with purchasing or dealing with real estate, especially if you are thinking of investing in an income property in another country. If you are considering purchasing Bulgarian... Read more..
International Real Estate
Though most of the marketing for certain properties, especially residences and private homes, takes place within a country or area, there are some times where it is wise to advertise throughout several countries. Those that travel frequently, wish to have holiday spots, or are moving to a different country need to have access to the best types of information possible. It is also true that... Read more..
Information About Property In Bulgaria
Because the housing market is forever changing and unpredictable, it is important to stay on top of what both local and international markets are doing. Whether it is a good time to sell or buy, knowing trends and information about property in Bulgaria beforehand can ensure the best price either for a new home or for renting and selling other properties. Throughout the buying and selling process,... Read more..
Modern Property Listing
One of the problems in the past with selling property in Bulgaria is that there were limited ways to get adequate and attractive information about properties to a lot of people outside the country. Luckily, due to a lot of globalization and technological advancement, selling property has become far easier in every way. Now it is not only possible to put beautiful and large pictures on websites,... Read more..
Communication In Sales
One of the main problems with selling property internationally is that lines of communication can easily be crossed. The same is true for selling property in Bulgaria. Those who live in one country and own property in Bulgaria know that a lot of travel back and forth between countries can quickly become expensive and time consuming. In addition, those who are trying to sell property in Bulgaria... Read more..
Russian buyers targeting Bulgarian property
Bulgaria is a popular destination among Russian property buyers, according to one newspaper in the country. Novinite - the Sofia News Agency - reported on an article published by the Rossiyskaya Gazeta, which suggested the price of real estate assets in Bulgaria is one of the major factors attracting Russian investors. The agency quoted the Russian paper as saying: "The properties worth up... Read more..
Things To Know When You Want To Sell Property In Bulgaria
Just like when you want to sell property anywhere, getting ready to sell property in Bulgaria is not something that can be done instantly.  It takes some thought and effort to even start the process and having an expert who will help you negotiate the sometimes confusing details will save you time, effort, and most importantly money.  One of the first things you have to know... Read more..
Understanding Real Estate In Bulgaria
One key thing to making smart choices when it comes to real estate in Bulgaria is to do some researching and try to understand the market. Understanding the real estate market and the different advantages of owning a property or renting a property can help you make the right decisions when it comes to price. Since the market fluctuates, it is important to understand how to get this information... Read more..
Finding Real Estate In Bulgaria
Finding real estate in Bulgaria might seem like a difficult or challenging thing to those who have never gone about it before. Getting in on the real estate market in another country can sometimes be a great source of income for people. It allows them to get their hands in the real estate market in various places, reaching out to all sorts of tenants. When purchasing a property, especially... Read more..
How To Shop For Property In Bulgaria
If you should happen to decide that you want to buy or build a vacation home in the European vacation destination of Bulgaria, then you are definitely going to want to get a real estate specialist who understands the ins and outs of buying property in Bulgaria and can guide you along the path so in the end you have the home you really want.  So, really, the first thing you need to... Read more..
How A Specialist Can Help You Buy Property In Bulgaria
When it comes to going on vacation, there are people who love to go somewhere new every time and love the thrill of adventure.  But there are others who love the idea of having a place that is “theirs” and love to return to the same marvelous location over and over again.  When that second group of people is really committed to a favorite place, they will sometimes invest in property... Read more..
Tips To Sell Property In Bulgaria
To sell property in Bulgaria is not overly difficult, but there are some things that a seller can do to help raise the probability of a successful sale. Selling a property means doing all you can to make the property appealing to your buyers. Understanding the customer is one way to arm yourself with the information in order to make your property as appealing as possible to an interested buyer.... Read more..
Benefits Of Owning Real Estate In Bulgaria
Owning real estate anywhere in the world can be rewarding both financial and personally. When you purchase a home out of country it can be used as a home away from home, a spot for potential rentals and much more. The following are a few different types of benefits you can have when you purchase real estate in Bulgaria. When you purchase real estate overseas you may have the ability... Read more..
Helpful Tips When Selling Property In Bulgaria From Overseas
Selling a home can seem like a daunting task to anyone and can often be drawn out for months at a time, especially when the home or property that you are trying to sell is overseas. If you are looking to sell property in Bulgaria while you are out of country here are a few tips and information you may benefit from and may help sale your home. One thing you should remember as a seller is... Read more..
Things To Consider When Purchasing Property Overseas
If you are considering purchasing a second, seasonal or rental home you may be looking into different properties overseas. Property in Bulgaria may be right for you if you are looking for coastal or country houses. When it comes to buying a home in a different part of the world you may be wondering what types of things you should consider when deciding to purchase an estate overseas. The following... Read more..
Finding A Good Real Estate Agent In Bulgaria
Real Estate in Bulgaria is a big business.  Many people, especially those from the UK are interested finding a great vacation home or may be looking to relocate to Bulgaria.  There are many reasons someone may consider living in Bulgaria.  The cost of living in Bulgaria is low, and the lifestyle is laid back and relaxed.  Bulgaria is a great place to escape the hustle... Read more..
Resources That Can Help You Sell Property In Bulgaria
If you are looking to sell property in Bulgaria you may be considering a few different options like going with a realtor, selling it on your own, and more. There are many different resources that are available to individuals looking to sell a property or multiple properties. Here are a few tips and resources you may benefit from when you are looking to sell your property in Bulgaria. First,... Read more..
Tips For Purchasing Property In Bulgaria
Property in any part of the world can be a great investment in you financial future. Whether you are looking to rent the property out, use it as a second home or a year round home. Purchasing property in Bulgaria may be a good choice for you. When you are purchasing a home anywhere in the world there are a few tips you can follow to help ensure you are making the best choice for you. The following... Read more..
How To Sell Your Property In Bulgaria
When it comes to real estate there are some tips that are key to sell property in Bulgaria or around the world. Some of these tips are to fix up the property as best as possible, take good pictures of your listing, find a website or an agent with a website to show your property off to more people, and have an appraisal done to determine the best asking price. Each of these things can be done... Read more..
Selling Real Estate In Bulgaria
The key to selling real estate in Bulgaria, or elsewhere, is presentation. More and more real estate buyers and sellers are turning to the internet to show or see property from the comfort of their home and office. When you are looking for a website to help you sell property then you will want to look for one that gives you a unique log in, the ability to edit your listing, one that allows... Read more..
Finding Help With Selling Property In Bulgaria
When you are looking to buy or sell property in Bulgaria, especially if you are coming from or going to a different country, you will want quality representation who will help you in all aspects of the sale. A good listing company should be able to use the internet to increase interest, provide pictures and/or floor plans to potential buyers, allow you access to your online listing, and help... Read more..
Finding Beautiful Property In Bulgaria
The global economy today may seem uncertain and a little frightening at times.  Commodities, stocks, and currencies are all topics that make headlines, and while real estate is a different animal, it is also a topic that is widely discussed.  Economic uncertainty can lead people to become doubtful when it comes to real estate, but with a down market purchasing and selling property in Bulgaria... Read more..
How To Sell Property In Bulgaria
One thing all mankind has in common is his need to live somewhere.  Whether he lives in a single family home, a condominium, or an apartment, his need to have a roof over his head is a constant necessity.  Nothing changes that need, not even the current economic disparity we are facing on a world scale.  Individuals who own homes right now may feel a bit slighted because in many places... Read more..
Find Fantastic Real Estate In Bulgaria
Hearing someone say “now is a great time to purchase real estate,” might be surprising to you, but believe it or not now really is a great time to buy property.  With economic troubles circling on a global scale one might think the last thing he should do is buy real estate in Bulgaria, but doing so may not be a bad idea.  True, financial uncertainty is lurking all around us, but with diminished... Read more..
Russian buyers 'entering Bulgarian housing market'
There has been a rise in the number of Russians buying property in Bulgaria , which is helping support the country's housing market. Speaking to The New York Times, Stanislav Petrov, sales manager for Select Properties Bulgaria, stated Russians now account for around 80 per cent of foreign investors in the nation's real estate sector. He told the news provider approximately 15 per cent of transactions... Read more..
How To Find A Company That Will Help You Sell Your Property In Bulgaria
Selling property is a big deal, and if you want to have a successful experience then you need to consider hiring a company that will be able to help you manage the marketing and selling of your property. If you are like the average person, then trying to sell property in Bulgaria all by yourself is most likely an intimidating thought. The good news is that there are many companies out there... Read more..
Tips For Finding The Right Real Estate in Bulgaria
Have you been interested in purchasing real estate in Bulgaria but you just aren’t sure where you should look to find it? Purchasing property and buildings can be a scary experience, and it is important that you work with a legitimate company so that you can rest assured that you aren’t buying into a scam. So how do you go about finding the perfect Bulgarian real estate and the right company... Read more..
How To Sell Your Property In Bulgaria
We live in economically-challenging times, and if you are looking for ways to sell your property in Bulgaria, then you probably don’t want to do it all on your own. Selling property can be very difficult, especially if you aren’t sure how to properly advertise your property and attract a large amount of potential buyers. Whether you are selling your permanent property so that you can move... Read more..
A Hidden Gem
When you think of beautiful places to visit in the world, it is not often that one mentions the country of Bulgaria.  This country is just north of Turkey and attracts tourists from all over Europe and the Middle East. Bulgaria has a rich history and is responsible for many of the traditions found throughout eastern Europe.  With mountains, seaside, villages, and resorts, it has... Read more..
Get It Sold
If you buy a property in Bulgaria, you assume the fact that you may have to eventually sell property in Bulgaria.  Just as you bought the property from another party, someone else will buy the property from you.  It does not have to be a scary or daunting thought.  The best way to navigate through the sale of a property in any country is to employ a knowledgeable real estate... Read more..
Making The Move
Real estate in Bulgaria is reasonably priced and many of the homes are similar to what you would find in your own country.  Just like any country, there are more affluent cities and areas and also areas that are directed to specific activities. There are ski villages and beach cottages, city condos and country estates, and standard neighborhoods so that anyone moving to the country will have... Read more..
Investors 'can take advantage' of demand for renovated Bulgarian homes
There is significant demand for homes in Bulgaria that have been renovated to British standards, which presents opportunities for potential investors. Gemma Tippler, manager at Bulgarian Property Experts, explained those with the capital to invest in Bulgarian real estate can either buy a house that requires work and do it up themselves, or pick up a newly-restored dwelling. Whichever option they... Read more..
Interest in Bulgarian property 'at an all-time high'
The level of interest in real estate investment in Bulgaria is reaching the highest level ever experienced in the country. So says Gemma Tippler, manager at Bulgarian Property Experts, who noted "very encouraging sales records" have been posted so far in 2012, while the cost of buying an abode is still very low. Last month, Global Property Guide published figures from the country's National... Read more..
Is Bulgaria's property market turning a corner?
There are indications some sectors of Bulgaria's real estate market are beginning to recover, albeit slowly. A report by Global Property Guide highlighted Sofia as one of the few places in the country to see average home prices rise, citing figures from the National Statistics Institute (NSI) which revealed values were up 0.8 per cent over the year that ended in the first quarter of 2012. However,... Read more..
Purchasing Real Estate In Bulgaria
If you are looking for a new place to live, a nice place for a vacation home, or a good location for your office, you might want to consider Bulgaria. When you want to purchase the best real estate Bulgaria has to offer, there are a few things that you will probably want to do. After you find the best real estate and purchase it, you can enjoy all that there is to enjoy in Bulgaria. One... Read more..
When You Might Want To Sell Your Property In Bulgaria
If you have property in Bulgaria and you are unsure of whether or not to sell it or build on it, you may want to consider a few things. After you have taken into consideration a few different factors and have really thought through the decision, you might feel more confident in your decision and will be able to sell property Bulgaria without feeling like you lost something that may have been... Read more..
How To Find The Best Property Bulgaria Has
If you are looking to build a home or office in Bulgaria, you probably want to find the best property Bulgaria can offer you. If you are unfamiliar with the area, you might not know what a good price is, what a good location is, and who to talk to. When you find yourself in such a situation, there are some things that you can do so that you are able to get the best property for your needs. The... Read more..
Bulgarian property is "excellent value"
Bulgaria is a good place to consider investing in property overseas and it attracts buyers for a number of reasons. This is the assertion of Paul Watchorn, director of thebulgarianpropertyfinder website, who explained the nation "remains excellent value in terms of what you can actually get for your money, balanced with the condition of the country as a whole". He added that the cost of... Read more..
What You Can Expect From A Real Estate Professional
You may be wondering what you can expect from a real estate professional when you need to sell property Bulgaria.  There are many different companies out there who can list and sell your property for you.  However, you want to find a good and reputable real estate company to assist you in this process.  The property in Bulgaria still is thought to have buyers that are interested in purchasing.... Read more..
Tips For Buying Or Selling Real Estate In Bulgaria
When you want to purchase or sell real estate in Bulgaria there are some tips you may be interested in to help you make a good decision as to which real estate company you wish to go with.  There are professionals who specialize in real estate Bulgaria that keep up on the market in that area or region by working with the selling and buying of property there on a regular basis.  This is the... Read more..
A Good Real Estate Company For Selling Bulgarian Property
If you are thinking about selling your property in Bulgaria you may want to know a few things that can help things run smoothly during this process.  The market in Bulgaria is different than some other markets.  There are knowledgeable agents and real estate professionals who have lots of experience in selling this type of property that can help you with this task.  When it comes time... Read more..
Different Types Of Property In Bulgaria
When it comes to real estate Bulgaria there are many different types of properties available. You may be wishing to purchase property in this area and not know quite how to go about starting the process.  There are many different agencies that can assist you with your purchase of this type of property.  You want to find a good company that has high quality agents who are knowledgeable and... Read more..
Look Into The Benefits Of Renting Property
Many individuals want to enjoy the benefits of having a vacation home in which to spend their time off during a much needed break from their daily stress.  However, many fear that the cost is simply too outrageous to even consider investing in this type of amenity.  If you find yourself in this thinking rut, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that renting vacation homes can be an affordable... Read more..
Invest In An Experienced Company To Help You Sell Your Property
Selling property regardless of its location can be a challenge for just about anyone.  Knowing how much the property is worth, what its top selling points are, and knowing how to get people to notice your property can all create a high amount of stress.  For this reason, many land owners that are looking to sell invest in the services of a property Bulgaria company that has the experience... Read more..
Tips To Sell Property In Bulgaria Faster
There are many different reasons to sell property Bulgaria. Whether you are downsizing in an effort to save money, relocating for a better job or simply need a change of scenery, you know how stressful selling real estate can be. Here are a few tips to help you sell your property faster so that you can relax and move on the next phase of your life.First and foremost: price it right. In a seller’s market... Read more..
Hire A Professional To Successfully Sell Property In Bulgaria
The real estate market in Bulgaria is ever changing. It has seen tremendous growth over the past decade—especially internationally—and continues to do so. This is why it is more important than ever to hire a professional when it comes time to sell property Bulgaria.The first step in successfully selling any type of real estate is pricing it right. Price it too high and it won’t get the amount of showings... Read more..
Now Is A Good Time To Buy Real Estate In Bulgaria
“There is no time like the present.” This applies to many things in life, but it is especially fitting when it comes to buying real estate Bulgaria. With a healthy supply of properties to choose from, competitive interest rates and a rising economy many would consider the current real estate market a buyer’s market.Housing prices have stabilized, but still remain on the low end of the spectrum right... Read more..
Types Of Property In Bulgaria
Over the past decade, Bulgaria has transformed itself into a very desirable place to live or vacation. Located between Romania and Turkey, it can still be considered one of Eastern Europe’s best kept secrets even though it is gaining more and more attention. In fact, Lonely Planet named it one of the top ten countries to see in 2011 and one of the best value destinations for 2010. With its thriving... Read more..
Finding Real Estate In Bulgaria
The modern world often encourages us to accumulate possessions. One of the things we learn in school, often over the course of half a lifetime, is how to get a job and interact in an acceptable manner with society with the final goal of accumulating possessions for ourselves, and contributing to society. But possessions can range from small to large. Trinkets, small toys, or school supplies may be... Read more..
Vacation Property In Bulgaria
If you are currently looking for vacation home in Europe, Bulgaria probably isn’t the first place you would think of. Located between Romania and Turkey, it is one of Eastern Europe’s best kept secrets. With its picturesque beaches along the Black Sea Coast, lush and pristine mountains and plenty of historic buildings Bulgaria has something for everyone and is worth serious consideration. There... Read more..
Helpful Tips For Selling Your Property In Bulgaria
Bulgaria offers some beautiful mountain properties, beach front properties, village living and city residences. If you own and want to sell property Bulgaria offers, you can follow some simple advice in order to appreciate a profit. You’ll want to begin by making sure that your property is valued correctly. Buyers are all types are looking for a good deal. So pricing your property correctly means... Read more..
Reasons To Consider Buying Real Estate In Bulgaria
Whether you are looking for a beautiful chalet for your skiing vacation or trying to find investment property or even looking for a home for your retirement or to spend your holidays in, the real estate Bulgaria has to offer can meet your needs. But first you should take the time to thoroughly research the property, the community surrounding the property and the access to shopping, transportation,... Read more..
The Praiseworthy Qualities Of Life In Bulgaria
Many people are finding that life in Bulgaria runs at a slower, more relaxing pace; for this reason owning some property Bulgaria is home to can offer some wonderful benefits for the fortunate property owner. Carts and horses move among the automobiles. Goats may roam the gardens and beautiful mountain landscapes can grace your backyard view. Opportunities abound for enjoyable life activities. Hiking,... Read more..
Benefits Of Purchasing Property In Bulgaria
There are many benefits to owning a home as opposed to renting a home.  You may be familiar with real estate Bulgaria and know that there are many lovely homes you can purchase there.  There is the lovely beach cottage or the small little home in the historic little cities in Bulgaria.  There are homes or apartments in the city and the ski areas as well.  There are many choices... Read more..
How To Sell Your Property In Bulgaria
There are many out there who are willing to offer advice to you when you are ready to sell property Bulgaria.  There are many different options available to you regarding just how you want to sell your property as well.  So just how do you know what to do when you want to sell your property there?  If you prepare yourself and find out what to do before you try to sell your real estate,... Read more..
How To Purchase Property In Bulgaria
When you want to purchase real estate Bulgaria your best bet is to work with a good and reputable real estate company or agent that has lots of experience in working on this sort of thing.  They can help you with the entire process.  You want to find a local agent that understands the ins and outs of things in Bulgaria.  They should be totally familiar with and willing to teach you the... Read more..
Is Property Available In Bulgaria?
You may not realize how popular it is for foreigners to purchase property Bulgaria.  If you have never been to Bulgaria, you may not know how many beautiful places there are to purchase property of one kind or another there.  There are many options when it comes to purchasing real estate in Bulgaria.  There are choices between sunny beach houses, luxury apartments or condominiums, single... Read more..
Tips For Selling Your Bulgaria Property
Do you have property in Bulgaria that you would like to sell?  If you do, you may want to know a few tips that will help you along this process.  Taking the time to learn about a few things can really make a difference in whether or not you have a good experience in the selling process of your real estate.  Things can run smoothly if you choose the right avenues to go down as well as... Read more..
How To Find Property In Bulgaria
There are many different agencies as well as real estate agents who deal with buyers and sellers of property Bulgaria.  Many of them are local Bulgarians who know the system there and know how to help foreign investors have a successful process when they wish to purchase property there.  There seems to be a lot of foreign investment coming to Bulgaria in the form of people purchasing real... Read more..
Bulgarian property market 'starting to pick up'
The real estate market in Bulgaria has begun to stabilise, with a rise in the number of transactions concluded recorded by local agents. Figures released by property consultancy Yavlena revealed the volume of deals climbed by 22 per cent in 2011, compared to a year earlier, the Sofia Echo reported. However, the organisation noted the majority of the sales were for agricultural land, with the number... Read more..
On The Hunt For The Right Property
If you are looking for property Bulgaria options to buy, rent, or lease, you may need some help knowing where to start. There are many different sources you can look into to find the answers you’re looking for. Finding the right property has the potential of taking a lot of time, but the time spent can be very worthwhile effort. You don’t want to be stuck with something you don’t like simply... Read more..
How To Find The Property You Want
If you are extremely lucky, finding the property Bulgaria location you want might be a fairytale love at first site experience, but if you are like the majority of the population it is going to take a lot more work. As a general rule, you don’t want to just buy the first property you look at until you have taken a little bit of time to compare and research. Purchasing property can seem... Read more..
Selling Your Property The Right Way
There are a lot of things to think about when trying to sell your property. You don’t want to be waiting forever to close, and you definitely don’t want to lose money. If you are looking to sell property Bulgaria sites, you may want to consider going through a professional listing service for some help. There are many benefits of getting this professional assistance. One of the great benefits... Read more..
Selling Property
There are many things you can reasonably do on your own. You probably wouldn’t want to hire somebody for everything. But, if you are trying to sell property Bulgaria sites, and you don’t have time to wait around forever, you will probably want to get some help. There are many reasons why you could benefit from hiring a professional service to help you sell your property. Experience... Read more..
How You Can Be Smart In Buying Your First Home
Buying a home can be a stressful task. You have probably always dreamed of having the perfect family, and living in that perfect home, and you don’t want to mess things up. For those of you who are new to the real estate Bulgaria market, you might need some help in buying your first home. In the following article, you will find a few tips on how you can be smart when in buying your first... Read more..
Getting The Best Out Of Real Estate
So, you’re buying or selling property in Bulgaria. You’ve decided you need to hire a real estate service, but how in the world are you going to decide which one to go with? You could always use the handy phonebook pin drop trick, and see which real estate Bulgaria agent it lands on, but you might not be happy with the results. Deciding on a real estate service can seem difficult, but here... Read more..
How To Buy Real Estate In Bulgaria
Many people are looking for real estate in Bulgaria and if you are one of them, the first thing you need to do is find a real estate agent who understands the Bulgarian property market. They can tell you about the dynamics in purchasing property in Bulgaria and keep you informed as to median prices and the purchasing process.  During the last couple of years there has been an increase of people... Read more..
Finding A Real Estate Agent To Sell Property In Bulgaria
If you own property in Bulgaria and are thinking about selling it, the market for Bulgarian property is very strong right now.  However, it is important to make sure that the real estate agent you choose knows how to sell property in Bulgaria, attracting international buyers.Many people, especially people from Britain, are showing interest in Bulgaria and the property market has continued to grow... Read more..
Bulgaria Property Increases In Popularity
Bulgaria is a small country located near Greece and situated on the banks of the Black Sea.  It has a long history, dating back to antiquity, and has been ruled by the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires.  Today, Bulgaria is a popular tourist spot and thanks to its steady government, many people are discovering it as a vacation destination.  In fact, property in Bulgaria is being purchased... Read more..
Bulgarian property values 'down significantly'
The value of real estate in Bulgaria has fallen by approximately 50 per cent since its peak in 2008, with both ski and beach resorts hit the hardest by the downturn in the market. This is according to chief operations manager of Bulgarian Properties Polina Stoykova, who explained that, despite the slump in prices, there is reason to be optimistic about some regions in the nation. She highlighted... Read more..
What You Need To Know To Sell Property In Bulgaria
If you want to sell property Bulgaria there are a few tips you may want to be aware of that will help you immensely with your process.  There are companies available to help and assist you in this process but they are not all created equal.  You will want to look for certain things will help ensure your satisfaction and success in this endeavor.  There is much more involved than you... Read more..
What To Know About Property In Bulgaria
There are various sources to purchase property Bulgaria.  You may not have even realized there was property available in Bulgaria before, but may be interested to find out more.  There are sites to sell and buy property in Bulgaria that you can visit to get more information and help.   Many people don’t realize the great resource these companies can be for buying or selling property.... Read more..
Finding The Right Real Estate Company For Bulgaria
Believe it or not, there are many properties for sale in Bulgaria. There seems to be a number of companies and agents available to help with this process of purchasing or selling real estate Bulgaria. The thing you will want to be aware of is that you need to do some checking around to make sure the company you use is the best one for your needs and desires. Taking the time to do some research up front... Read more..
How To Sell Your Bulgarian Property
If you are fortunate enough to own a piece of beautiful property in Bulgaria but you have to sell it for one reason or another, then you would be wise to hire a company that can help you to get top dollar for your property with quality advertising and other services. If you try to sell your property on your own, without any advertising or marketing then you are less likely to attract the attention... Read more..
How To Find The Perfect Property In Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a breathtaking place, with very diverse scenery and buildings, perfect skiing winters and wonderfully hot summers. If you have ever been there on vacation then you are probably already planning your next trip with anticipation. Those who have seen the best sights that Bulgaria has to offer usually return year after year to experience it all over again. If you absolutely love Bulgaria, then... Read more..
The Importance Of Hiring A Good Real Estate Bulgaria Company
Are you looking for a beautiful piece of real estate that is located in an exciting place with snow-filled winters that are perfect for skiing, beautifully hot summers that are perfect for a dip in the sea or the pool, and an ever-changing landscape that you couldn’t possibly get bored of? If so, then Bulgaria is the perfect place for you to purchase a coveted piece of real estate... Read more..
Selling Bulgarian Property
Everyone who is connected to the Bulgarian property market has heard the rumors of Russian buying up prime top end property.  If you own property and want to sell property Bulgaria you need to be aware of the current market conditions, movements, trends and catalysts.  The wave of Russian interest in the Bulgarian coastal properties is real and currently is a positive movement in the... Read more..
Another Difficult Year For Bulgarian Real Estate
When the economic crisis hit in 2008 it was predicted that a sharp decline in economic activities for last for two to three years.  After that there would be a real estate Bulgaria boom in property investments.  There is still no sign of the recovery that was predicted.In the last three years there has been an almost total annihilation of property agents, property developers, mortgage advisers,... Read more..
Property Bulgaria
There are many websites from which you can buy, sell, or rent property Bulgaria.  Real estate in Bulgaria is an ever changing market and you will want to find an expert that can help your with your transactions.  Bulgaria is small hospitable country that is located on the Black Sea.  It is known for its therapeutic, ski, and seaside resorts.  The geographical position of Bulgaria... Read more..
How has the Global Recession Affected the Bulgarian Economy?
Anyone considering buying or already owning property in Bulgaria should consider the global fiscal crisis and its effects upon the Bulgarian economy as a whole. House Sales Bulgaria knows how important it is for buyers to be well informed. The general consensus is that the current global recession began in the last quarter of 2008, and the financial position of most countries and states... Read more..
Bulgaria property prices fall in 2011
New research has revealed the value of Bulgarian property fell by between five and ten per cent in 2011, compared to 2010. Propertywire reported on the data, which was gathered from brokers operating in the nation, noting that the situation is not expected to change over the course of the next 12 months. Operations director at a Bulgarian real estate firm Polina Stoikova told the publication that... Read more..
Home Finance Gets Easier for Purchases of Property in Bulgaria
The property market in Bulgaria could be boosted by the news that home finance on purchases of property is to be made more accessible, reports property experts House Sales Bulgaria ( It is thought that home loans for the purchase of property in Bulgaria will be made easier to apply for and more will be granted, according to a piece in the Bulgarian daily newspaper... Read more..
Why Staying in a Property in Bulgaria is Better Than a Hotel
Are you planning a trip to Bulgaria this year? This Eastern European country has become a very popular tourist destination due to its gorgeous beaches, warm weather, superb skiing in the winter months, and abundance of outdoor activities and attractions. If you are like most people, you will have considered a hotel as your first option for accommodation when visiting Bulgaria. However, have... Read more..
Should You Have an All-Inclusive Rate for Your Holiday Property in Bulgaria?
One of the most challenging aspects of marketing your holiday property in Bulgaria is deciding what you should charge your guests. There are many factors which go into calculating the optimum rate for your holiday property in Bulgaria, such as the size of the home, its location, and what amenities are available. Another important factor to consider is whether or not you will charge an all-inclusive... Read more..
Should You Give Guests of Your Property in Bulgaria a Refund if the Airport Closes?
Airports all over Europe have been shut down many times this year, due to volcanic ash in the air, airline strikes, and much more. Thousands of flights have been cancelled and holidays have been put on hold. It is predicted that more volcanic eruptions could occur in the near future and travellers should be prepared for the risk of more flight shut-downs. What should you do if you are the owner... Read more..
How to Create a Wintery Welcoming Package at Your Skiing Property in Bulgaria
You can create a fantastic first impression on your holiday rental guests when they arrive at your skiing property in Bulgaria by putting together a welcome hamper with a few little special gifts. When your renters walk through the door they will be greeted by a charming gift pack that you have assembled with many thoughtful little trinkets that they can use and enjoy. Going the extra mile... Read more..
Helpful Services Offered by House Sales Bulgaria
For anyone buying a new property, making arrangements for all of the details regarding documents and legal proceedings can be daunting. The process of buying real estate can be both the most exciting and stressful times of anyone’s life, but when it is in another country, with added concern over local laws and visa requirements, it can be even more difficult. House Sales Bulgaria ( Read more..
What Is Your Changeover Day for Your Rental Property in Bulgaria?
If you are renting out your property in Bulgaria to short term guests, you will want to think about when your “Changeover Day” will be. This is the day each week when your guests depart, your property is cleaned or repaired, and your next renters arrive. When it comes to most holiday homes in Europe, the usual day for arrivals and departures is a Saturday. However, your changeover day is completely... Read more..
How to Prevent Renters Damaging Your Property in Bulgaria
If you own a holiday property in Bulgaria and you rent it out as a short term holiday accommodation, there is always the risk that your guests will damage or break something in your home. Whether they do it maliciously or accidently, it is very possible that one of your guests could break or destroy one of your valuable possessions or cause damage to the property. Is there anything that you can... Read more..
Don’t Buy a Property in Bulgaria without Thinking about These Practical Concerns
When you think about all of the advantages of buying a property in Bulgaria, it can be very tempting to want to jump in with both feet and snap up the first excellent deal that you see in this beautiful country. However, there are a lot of things that you will need to figure out before buying a property in Bulgaria. There are practical issues that you will need to make decisions on and do some research... Read more..
Does Your Online Advert For Your Rental Property in Bulgaria Change with the Seasons?
When you advertise your holiday rental property in Bulgaria online, whether you have your own website or a listing on a holiday rental website, does your listing stay the same throughout the year or does it change with the seasons? Changing your online advert with the changing weather can really increase interest in your property in Bulgaria and ensure that you find renters throughout the year.... Read more..
Bulgaria’s Tourism Boost in 2012
The link between a country’s tourism levels and its real estate market is clear: the more tourists, the more demand for rental accommodation and a greater value (over the medium- to long-term) is attached to property in that country. Which is why the news that Bulgaria is set to have a tourism boost in 2012 is good news for real estate in Bulgaria, reveals property experts House Sales Bulgaria ( Plans... Read more..
Tips for Taking Your Bulgaria Holidays in the Autumn
If you are heading out on Bulgaria holidays in the autumn, you will be able look forward to stunningly beautiful coloured leaves, the smell of roasted peppers, long afternoon sunlight, and sipping hot cappuccinos. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?Autumn is an ideal time to plan Bulgaria holidays, as this time of year is when many of the local festivals will be held. It is also an ideal season for hiking,... Read more..
Tips for Buying Ski Resort Apartments for Sale in Bulgaria
If you love to go on skiing holidays, you will know that it can be very difficult to book a place to stay in the best resorts of Europe during the peak travel times such as the February half-term and that staying in any type of skiing accommodation during this time of year will cost you a lot of money. If you frequently travel to Europe to ski, investing in an apartment for sale in Bulgaria in one... Read more..
Things to Consider When Buying Apartments for Sale in Bulgaria
Living in an apartment is different in a lot of ways than living in a house, and so there are plenty of special things that you will need to consider when you are looking at buying apartments for sale in Bulgaria. Buying one of the many beautiful apartments for sale in Bulgaria can have many advantages, such as being right in the exciting city centre or beside a great beach, not having to worry about... Read more..
Does That Apartment for Sale in Bulgaria have Enough Space For You?
When you are shopping for apartments for sale in Bulgaria, one of the things that should be on your mind is whether or not the apartment has enough space for all of your needs. Apartments are generally smaller than houses, and they offer a lot less room. An apartment might be just the right size for your needs, but you will want to make sure that there is enough space for you to store all of your things... Read more..
Advantages of Buying Studio Apartments for Sale in Bulgaria
If you are looking at apartments for sale in Bulgaria, you might want to consider the option of buying a studio apartment. This style of apartment usually has one main multipurpose room which contains the kitchen, the bed, and the living room. The sleeping and dining areas might be divided by a curtain, half wall, or room divider but the entire living space is essentially all one room. A studio apartment... Read more..
Visas and Work Permits in Bulgaria
For anyone looking to buy a property in Bulgaria, it is an exciting time, and searching with House Sales Bulgaria ( can improve the prospects of finding that dream house. Most people are looking for a holiday or second home, where they will spend a period of time relaxing each year without the need to work. However, those who will be working will need to... Read more..
Under-Declaration of Bulgarian Properties: What You Should Know
Anyone looking to buy or sell property in Bulgaria is likely to come across the act of under-declaration. In short, this is the practice, at the point of completion of a property purchase, of declaring the price of that property at a level under the price in reality. While this is, in theory, an illegal practice, it almost has \"de facto\" legality given the prevalence of under-declaration in Bulgaria.... Read more..
Tips for Responding to a Booking Enquiry at Your Holiday Property in Bulgaria
If you own a property in Bulgaria, there is a good chance that you will decide to rent out the home during the year when you are not using it for your holidays. This is one of the huge advantages of owning a home in such a popular holiday destination, as the income from your rental guests can help offset the cost of owning a property in Bulgaria. However, renting out your holiday home... Read more..
How to Respond If a Guest Complains About Your Holiday Rental Property in Bulgaria
 When you are renting out your holiday property in Bulgaria, hopefully all of your guests will be happy and content with the service and the facilities that you provide. However, problems can happen and inevitably something will go wrong. No holiday rental property in Bulgaria is perfect, and eventually one of your guests will contact you with a complaint about the service, facilities... Read more..
Creating a Guest Questionnaire for Your Holiday Rental Property in Bulgaria
 If you own a holiday property in Bulgaria, do you ask your guests to fill in a quick questionnaire after they leave? If you are not doing this, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to improve the quality of your holiday rental property in Bulgaria and provide excellent customer service. When setting up your holiday property in Bulgaria you probably did your best to make... Read more..
Common Mistakes on Holiday Property in Bulgaria Listings
If you own a beautiful property in Bulgaria and are renting it out to holiday goers as short term accommodation, you are likely to receive a lot of inquiries from renters because Bulgaria is such a popular holiday destination. However, if your holiday property listing is not getting as much of a response as you expected you might want to take a close look at it and determine if there is anything... Read more..
Build Your Perfect Ski Holiday
The snow has begun to fall, and for many people that means their thoughts begin to turn to a ski holiday. Flights to Bulgaria are the perfect way to begin planning that perfect ski holiday.  The slopes in Bulgaria are beautiful, perfectly groomed, and far less crowded than many other resort areas.  Ski holidays in Bansko, Borovets or Pamporovo are well within your reach because the cost of... Read more..
Tips for Renting Out Your Holiday Bulgarian Property
Renting out your Bulgarian property is a great way to cover the operating costs and make a profit from your holiday home investment. If you can rent out your Bulgarian property when you are not using it, the rental income can cover the mortgage which means that essentially your guests are paying the cost of your property for you!However, renting out your Bulgarian property is not as easy as it looks.... Read more..
Buying Bulgarian Property During the Economic Crisis
The global financial crisis has not spared Bulgaria, and this country has experienced its fair share of recession in the past couple of years. The crisis applied pressure on the economy and employment in 2008, and in 2009 Bulgaria recorded its worst economic results since 1997. As a result, house prices in Bulgaria dropped dramatically at a rate of more than 20% in 2009 and 17.8% in 2010.Prices of... Read more..
Be Aware of Cultural Etiquette When Buying Bulgarian Property
When you are buying a Bulgarian property, it can be very helpful to be aware of the local customs of the area. You will be meeting plenty of local Bulgarians and perhaps making business negotiations with them for your property. If you know the appropriate ways to greet people and conduct business, you will garner more respect in the culture. You will also avoid the stress of accidently offending someone... Read more..
Tips for Buying Off-Plan Bulgarian Property
Buying off plan Bulgarian property refers to when the purchaser pays in advance to reserve a unit in a housing development which has not been constructed yet. Buying off plan property can be a good investment, but there have also been cautionary tales of people buying off-plan Bulgarian property that has turned into a nightmare. When buying off plan Bulgarian property there is a risk of misleading... Read more..
Broadband Access in Bulgaria
Many people who visit are considering moving either part time or full time to a new property in Bulgaria, and intend to work from their new location using broadband high speed internet. Broadband connections and options on providers and deals are possible in Bulgaria, and as real estate in Bulgaria has become more sought after by foreign investors and private... Read more..
Region Focus: Sofia, Plovdiv and Blagoevgrad
The second of its ‘Region Focus’ series, experts in real estate in Bulgaria House Sales Bulgaria ( looks at the Sofia, Plovdiv and Blagoevgrad areas of the country, considering the various factors within the regions which may affect buying and selling property there. Sofia Sofia-Capital - Sofia is of course the capital city of Bulgaria, but there... Read more..
How to Find a Good Builder to Renovate your Bulgaria Property
Bulgaria has many beautiful old homes that are just waiting for a little tender loving care to restore them to their former glory. Many investors are discovering that older Bulgaria property can be purchased for very cheap and then renovated to make gorgeous holiday villas, countryside retreats, and beach homes. If you have found your own dream Bulgaria property and you are ready to renovate... Read more..
Roof Repair for Your Bulgaria Property
When you are buying Bulgaria property, make sure that you pay attention to the roof of the home! We often get so distracted by the lovely gardens, stylish interior, or large swimming pool of a Bulgaria property that we forget to take a look at the roof! The roof is one of the most important parts of the home because it will be what will keep you warm and dry while you are at your Bulgaria property.... Read more..
Tips for Buying Bulgaria Property with a Swimming Pool
Does your dream Bulgaria property have a swimming pool? Many people who choose to invest in holiday Bulgaria property are drawn towards homes with swimming pools on the property, for a wide range of reasons. If you have parties at your Bulgaria property, the pool can be the centre of the entertainment at the get-together, allowing all of your friends a place to swim and play. On the hot summer... Read more..
Tips for Landscaping Your Bulgaria Property
If you are investing in a Bulgaria property, don’t just think about what is inside the house! You can greatly expand the beauty and function of your holiday home if you put a little thought into the surroundings of your Bulgaria property as well. A beautifully landscaped Bulgaria property can provide you with a place to lounge in the sunshine, a lovely garden with fresh scented flowers,... Read more..
Money Saving Tips for Buying Property in Bulgaria
Many people are choosing to invest in property in Bulgaria, as this beautiful Eastern European country has all of the sandy beaches, green forests, picturesque resorts, and prime skiing of other European destinations but much cheaper prices. If you are thinking of buying a property in Bulgaria, there are a few things to think about which will help you save your money and find that dream holiday... Read more..
How to Protect Your Property in Bulgaria
Have you thought about how you will protect your second home? If you only use your property in Bulgaria as a holiday home for part of the year, you will be leaving it vacant for several weeks or months at a time. When you leave a home empty in this way, it becomes more at risk for burglary and vandalism. Also, when you are away from your holiday home for a long time and something goes wrong such... Read more..
Hiring a Housekeeper for Your Property in Bulgaria
If you are renting out your property in Bulgaria as short term holiday accommodation while you are not using it, it is very important to hire a quality housekeeping service. You will not be in Bulgaria all of the time and you will not be able to change the sheets, clean the floors, and freshen up the house between guests. A housekeeping service will take care of all this for you, and leave... Read more..
Tips for Buying Property in Bulgaria from Motivated Sellers
When you are looking at listings for property in Bulgaria, you might find that some ads state that the homeowner is “motivated to sell”. This means that for whatever reason, the seller is hoping to sell their property in Bulgaria as soon as possible. Perhaps they have another property that they want to buy, perhaps they need to move, or they might have another reason. When you are buying property in... Read more..
The Impact of the Pound on Euro Sales
Anyone who has a vested interest in Bulgarian real estate will be keeping a keen eye on the developments with the euro over the next few months. The whole uncertainty over the future of the eurozone will inevitably result in a weaker euro so the question is how much longer can we expect the pound to be weak against the euro? Of course, it is difficult to expect this situation to last much longer especially... Read more..
The Advantages of Buying Apartments for Sale in Bulgaria
If you are looking to buy a holiday home in beautiful Bulgaria, buying a large villa is not your only choice. There are also many apartments for sale in Bulgaria that would make fantastic holiday retreats. These apartments are often located within the major cities and towns and the popular beach or ski resorts throughout the country. There is everything from small studio flats or larger one bedroom... Read more..
Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Apartments for Sale in Bulgaria
Whether you are buying your family the perfect holiday retreat, you are retiring to the sunshine and the laid back lifestyle, or you are moving to live in Bulgaria, choosing a place to live is a complicated process. There are many different apartments for sale in Bulgaria, from the thriving city centre of Sofia to the peaceful resorts along the Black Sea Coast. You will have a lot of choice, and make... Read more..
Considering Feng Shui When Buying Apartments for Sale in Bulgaria
Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of geomancy that uses the laws of Heaven and Earth to make one’s life better by improving the flow of positive energy. It is used to orient buildings and to arrange furniture so that luck, wealth, and prosperity flow throughout the home. If you are looking at apartments for sale in Bulgaria, have you thought about the Feng Shui of your holiday home? A home that... Read more..
Apartments for sale in Bulgaria: Which Floor is Best For You?
Many people choose to buy apartments in Bulgaria, as they offer great value as holiday homes or permanent residences. There are many beautiful apartments for sale in Bulgaria in the larger cities such as Sofia or the beautiful beach resorts such as Sunny Beach. If you are looking at apartments for sale in Bulgaria, one of the decisions that you will have to make is what floor you would like to live... Read more..
Choosing an agent
Anyone who is considering selling a property in Bulgaria will ultimately have to make a crucial decision in who they employ to sell their property. Should they pay a fee to have their property marketed online, list on a \"free website\", or travel to Bulgaria and engage the services or a local agent? Due to the large amount of options available to property owners it can... Read more..
Tips for Selling an Apartment in Bulgaria
When investing in a property for sale in Bulgaria, some people will choose a villa in the countryside and yet others will be much happier with an apartment in a holiday resort or one of the major cities such as Sofia. Apartments are becoming a popular choice for holiday homes, and many people are looking for a space that is just big enough for their needs, right in the heart of a downtown area with... Read more..
Selling the Idea of a Holiday Home in Bulgaria
Why do people choose to own property abroad? The reason why a beachfront or ski resort property for sale in Bulgaria is so attractive to so many people is because it is not just four walls and a ceiling but it also represents an idea and a lifestyle. Owning a holiday home in a beautiful location such as Bulgaria is a way of life, one that conjures up images of relaxing on a lounge chair by the pool... Read more..
Take a Camera with You When Searching for Property for Sale in Bulgaria
If you are looking for property for sale in Bulgaria, you will find that there are a lot of different houses, villas and apartments to choose from and you will likely be going to a lot of viewings and open houses. Looking for property for sale in Bulgaria can be challenging because there are so many beautiful homes to choose from that it is hard to pick just one. One of the most valuable tools that... Read more..
What Not To Say When Advertising a Property for Sale in Bulgaria
When you put up your property for sale in Bulgaria, one of the first things that you will need to do is to write a description of your home for an online or paper listing. This description will be what is used to advertise your property for sale in Bulgaria to any interested buyers. You might think that a small description of your holiday home will be easy to write and that you shouldn’t put too much... Read more..
Bulgarian property prices drop
The third quarter of 2011 saw property prices in Bulgaria fall, the latest government figures show. Quest Bulgaria reported on the data, noting that average residential real estate values dropped by 0.8 per cent in the three months between July and September. Overall, house prices have slipped by 6.1 per cent since the same time last year, the news provider noted, adding that the Pleven, Yambol... Read more..
Looking to Sell Property in Bulgaria? You’ll Need to Know About the ‘Skitsa’
Just like selling property anywhere in the world, there is a formal process which has to be followed when you sell property in Bulgaria. And as you go through the process, there are various formal documents which have to be registered in order for the sale to be legal and valid. Here, leading property experts House Sales Bulgaria ( looks at one of these important... Read more..
Buying Property in Bulgaria on the Black Sea Coast
The Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria forms the eastern edge of the country and is home to many beautiful resort towns as well as thriving industrial ports. It stretches from Romania in the north all the way to European Turkey in the south and has 378 km of stunning coastline with golden beaches and warm and tranquil waters. This area has a humid subtropical climate, and enjoys an average summer... Read more..
How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Property in Bulgaria
If you are trying to sell your property in Bulgaria and not having much luck, have you ever considered that the problem might be on the outside of your home rather than the inside? No matter how beautiful your property in Bulgaria might be once you step in the door, it is important never to underestimate the power of first impressions on the exterior of the home. Your potential buyers might... Read more..
The Most Popular Places to Buy Property in Bulgaria
There are many features that make Bulgaria a popular place to buy property, such as its hot summer weather, excellent winter ski conditions, gorgeous natural wilderness, fascinating ancient culture, and friendly locals. Many foreign investors seeking a home or an investment abroad are drawn towards property in Bulgaria for these reasons and more. However, what are the most popular locations... Read more..
Tips for Selling Your Rural Property in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is famous for its rural traditions, and there are many beautiful farm properties in this country in South-eastern Europe. If you have a rural property in Bulgaria to sell, there will likely be quite a demand considering that many people are buying land in this area to enjoy the laid back and simple lifestyle. If you are selling your rural land, here are some helpful tips:•    Remember... Read more..
Tips for Restoring a Period Bulgarian Property
Antique hunters and historians, listen closely! There are many excellent opportunities in Bulgaria to purchase a historical home and restore it to the glory of days gone by. If you are interested in purchasing a beautiful old home and recreating a period atmosphere, there are many fine examples of older Bulgarian property to choose from. Many gorgeous homes from the Bulgarian Revival Period can... Read more..
Things to Do When Visiting Your Bulgarian Property in Pamporovo
Pamporovo is a beautiful ski resort located in the Rhodope mountain range of Bulgaria, and it is a very popular location to own Bulgarian property. Many foreign homebuyers flock to this region because it offers fantastic skiing, beautiful rugged mountain scenery, fresh air, and is the southern-most ski resort in Europe. The nearby Mount Snejanke towers an impressive 1926 m above sea level and offers... Read more..
Reasons to Buy a Rural Bulgarian Property
Many homebuyers have taken an interest in rural Bulgarian property, as they search for more affordable ways to make their dream of living abroad coming true. Bulgaria, and other ex-communist Eastern European countries, has emerged as the best value for money when it comes to buying property. The proximity of Bulgaria to the UK, as well as its fascinating culture and beautiful landscapes, are some of... Read more..
How Not To Go Crazy While Renovating Your Bulgarian Property
If you have purchased an older Bulgarian property with the aim of renovating it to its former glory, you have an exciting project ahead of you. Renovating your new Bulgarian property can be the perfect opportunity to create the dream holiday home that you always wanted and to craft a space that is perfectly suited to your needs. However, renovations can also be stressful. Construction work is... Read more..
Now is the Time to Snap Up Property in Bulgaria’s Ski Resorts
Reports by market analysts as highlighted in the respected global news publication International Business Times reveal that now is the time to snap up property in Bulgaria’s ski resorts. Leading experts in property in Bulgaria House Sales Bulgaria ( confirms that property prices in many of the country’s ski resorts are dropping to levels which are making these properties... Read more..
Bulgarian house prices plummet
Residential real estate in Bulgaria has seen one-third of its value wiped out since 2008, new research has revealed. The Sofia Echo reported on a study carried out by estate agency Yavlena, which showed that property prices in the country have dropped by 20.92 per cent compared to 2008, with values declining by 8.5 per cent since last year. Manager at the firm Strakhil Ivanov told the publication... Read more..
Tips for Insuring Your Holiday Bulgaria Property
If you have invested in a beautiful Bulgaria property, you can look forward to spending many enjoyable holidays there soaking up the picturesque surroundings, warm weather and fascinating culture. Bulgaria is an ancient and vibrant country with a lot to discover, and many people who own Bulgaria property find that they love experiencing this unique destination year after year. However, don’t forget... Read more..
Tips for Buying a Bulgaria Property for Skiing Holidays
If you have always dreamed of owning a beautiful ski property high in the mountains, investing in Bulgaria property might be a fantastic opportunity. This stunning European country has an abundance of beautiful alpine areas perfect for winter sports, and the prices of Bulgaria property are very affordable. Investing in a Bulgaria property in the mountains means that you and your family will have a... Read more..
Things to Do While Staying At Your Bulgaria Property in Burgas
Burgas is a lovely city on the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria which has been inhabited since ancient times and was once a small fishing village. Since the beginning of the 20th century it has undergone a lot of development and has evolved into a thriving center filled with many fun tourist attractions. With a beautiful view of the sea and several lakes in the surrounding area, Burgas is a popular location... Read more..
How to Winterize Your Bulgaria Property
If you are going to be leaving your Bulgaria property vacant for an extended period of time during the winter months, it is important to prepare the property so that it is safe and secure. This is known as “winterizing” your holiday home, and it will protect your Bulgaria property from damage over the winter. It is a good idea to winterize your Bulgaria property, even if you are only going to leave... Read more..
Finding Deals on Sunny Beach Properties
Bulgaria is quickly gaining ground as a favourite play area for people who wish to own holiday properties.  People investing in to-let properties are also quietly buying up available listings, as the yields on rentals are running even over 5% in some places.  Where else, in this market, are you going to find a 5% yield?  Even bank accounts only pay about 1%, if you are lucky.  Consider... Read more..
Staging your Sunny Beach property for sale
If you are planning to sell your Sunny Beach property, you will obviously want to do everything possible to command the very best price.  One way to do that is to stage your property correctly so that it will not only attract attention, but find a buyer quickly who is ready to pay the price you want.  Staging is not that difficult, but it can take some time, so planning ahead is a crucial... Read more..
Tips for Marketing Your Holiday Rental Property in Bulgaria
If you own a property in Bulgaria, you might be considering renting it out as holiday accommodation. As Bulgaria is a popular holiday destination, this can be a great way to make some income from your property as you will likely find many renters who will want to stay. When you are renting out your property in Bulgaria, you will be advertising it on a holiday rental website. If you take the... Read more..
Things to Do When Visiting Your Property in Bulgaria in the Winter
Winter is a magical season in Bulgaria, as the frosty air is clean and fresh and the entire country is coated with a magical dusting of snow. If you own a property in Bulgaria, this can be one of the best times to visit your holiday home. The weather will be chilly, but there is no shortage of things to see and do! Winter time in Bulgaria is filled with great events, fun festivals, cultural traditions,... Read more..
Things to Do When Visiting Your Property in Bulgaria in the Summer
Summer is a time to relax and enjoy yourself and what better way to do so than by visiting your property in Bulgaria. Summer is a great time to stay at your property in Bulgaria, as there are many fun things to do when the weather is warm in this beautiful country. You can find everything you need to have the perfect summer holiday in Bulgaria, from sandy beaches to water parks to excellent... Read more..
How to Make a Rental Agreement for Your Property in Bulgaria
If you are going to be renting out your property in Bulgaria, one of the most important things to do is to create a rental agreement for your tenants. Many people who own property in Bulgaria rent it out to others while they are not using it. They might rent it out as a holiday accommodation, or as a longer term arrangement.  Making a rental agreement between you as the home owner and your... Read more..
World’s Largest Market Research Resource Tips Property in Bulgaria for Investment
Research and Markets is the world’s largest market research resource and in its recently published ‘Bulgaria Real Estate Report Q4 2011’ the firm highlights key opportunities for investors in property in Bulgaria. It states that “This may be the time to enter the Bulgarian property market if investors have time to wait out the recovery”, reports property portal and real estate experts House Sales Bulgaria... Read more..
Tips for Buying a Property in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
If you couldn\'t already tell by its name, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is the ideal location to buy a summer holiday property. It is the largest beach resort in the beautiful Balkan country of Bulgaria, located north of Burgas in the Nessebar municipality on the coast of the beautiful Black Sea. This lively area is filled with restaurants, live music bars, nightclubs and discos which means that these is... Read more..
Things to Do on Your Holidays to Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a beautiful country in the Balkans on the west of the Black Sea. Although it is not as well-known as a holiday destination compared to other European nations such as Spain and Greece, holidays to Bulgaria have everything that you could dream of in a travel experience such as gorgeous beaches, historical churches, lively cities and skiing resorts. Holidays to Bulgaria have a lot of activities... Read more..
Owning a Time Share Property in Bulgaria
If you enjoy spending your holiday in the same location in Bulgaria each year, you might consider investing in a timeshare property for sale in Bulgaria. A timeshare is a certain way of owning property in Bulgaria that will allow you to purchase a percentage of interest in your holiday home for a period of time. You can buy ownership in a property in Bulgaria and be granted shared interested in... Read more..
How to Make a Lowball Offer on a Property for Sale in Bulgaria
If you are buying property in Bulgaria, you can get a great house for an amazing deal if you can master the difficult art of making lowball offers. When you make a lowball offer on a property for sale in Bulgaria, you walk a fine line between getting a great deal on the home and potentially offending the seller to the point that they will not want to do business with you. Before making your lowball... Read more..
Common Buyer Turn-Offs When Trying To Sell Your Bulgaria Property
If you are attempting to sell your property in Bulgaria, you might be committing one of these common mistakes without even realizing it. There are many things that potential homebuyers don’t like to see when viewing a property in Bulgaria, and these turn offs might prevent people from wanting to purchase your home. Even though all home buyers are looking for something different in their real estate... Read more..
How to Stage the Living Room in Your Property in Bulgaria
If you are trying to sell your property in Bulgaria, one of the best things that you can do to make it look more enticing for interested buyers at an open house is to “stage” the home in a beautiful way. Home staging is when you prepare the inside of your property in Bulgaria to show off how wonderful the space can look. Most find it much easier to sell property in Bulgaria when it has furniture inside,... Read more..
Region Focus: Burgas, Varna and Dobrich
Bulgaria is a country rich with variety, offering sandy beaches, mountainous terrain and excellent skiing. These varying regions means that property in Bulgaria offers very different prospects depending on the area you are purchasing in. In the first of a series focusing on the main regions of the country, property experts House Sales Bulgaria ( looks at the regions... Read more..
Russian Buyers Key to Black Sea Coast Real Estate Recovery
Anyone looking to sell property in Bulgaria at the moment will tell you that the last couple of years have been tough. The global economic crisis has taken its toll on property markets all over the world, and property in Bulgaria is no exception. The good news for owners of property on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast is that Russian buyers are helping to bring about a real estate recovery in the area, reports... Read more..
How to Find Cheap Furniture for Your Property in Bulgaria
Unless you have purchased a furnished property in Bulgaria, the first step before you move in is to find furniture for your new home. Buying a property in Bulgaria can be a big investment, and you might not have a lot of money left over to furnish the inside! Don’t worry however, because buying furniture doesn’t have to mean spending an enormous amount of money. There are many ways that you can find... Read more..
Find the Right Buyer for Your Sunny Beach Property With Worldwide Group
Once you have decided to sell your Sunny Beach property, you are faced with a multitude of choices.  Sell it yourself?  Hire an agent?  Hope for the best on the internet?  Moreover, speaking of the internet, you do not have the foggiest idea of how to set up, maintain, and update a web site.  Nevertheless, without a web presence, the odds of selling your property are extremely... Read more..
Safety Tips for Bulgaria
Bulgaria is located in the Balkans, on the west of the Black Sea. It is one of the last remaining exotic nations in Europe, and is home to beautiful beaches, historical churches, skiing resorts, and a lot more. It is no surprise that property in Bulgaria is becoming increasingly popular. If you are moving to a property in Bulgaria, you might be wondering about the specific safety concerns for this... Read more..
Tips for Buying Countryside Properties in Bulgaria
Bulgaria has many excellent opportunities to invest in its quiet countryside. There are many examples of beautiful rural property in Bulgaria for sale, surrounded by trees, meadows, grassy hills, gardens and rivers.  These fantastic lots usually have a lot of space, and may or may not already have a house built on them. In most cases, the houses are older and need repair, but with a bit of tender... Read more..
Bulgaria is Top Ten Destination for Overseas Buyers
In further news that the Bulgarian property market is beginning to turn around, the country has just re-entered the global top ten destinations for overseas buyers of property, reveals property experts House Sales Bulgaria ( According to a UK guide for residential real estate, 3.3% of all enquiries in July from overseas purchasers were looking for property in Bulgaria,... Read more..
Sunny Beach (Bulgaria) Property Buying Tips
Bulgaria has always been a premier holiday destination.  Prized for its year-around warm temperatures and friendly local people as well as low cost, Sunny Beach attracts holidaymakers from around the globe.  With approximately 1,700 hours of sunshine between May and September of each year, as well as a soothing breeze, the area around Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is now home to quite a few apartments,... Read more..
Increased activity reported in Bulgarian real estate
There has been a significant rise in the number of new mortgages issued in Bulgaria, it has been revealed. According to research from Credit Center, a consultancy based in Sofia, the number of home loans awarded in the second quarter of the year was 18 per cent higher than in the first three months of 2011, the Sofia News Agency reported. Chief executive officer of Credit Center Tihomir Toshev... Read more..
How to Make a Great First Impression When Showing Your Property in Bulgaria
First impressions really count. It has been proven time and time again that people make a decision as to whether or not they will buy a particular property in Bulgaria based on the gut feeling that they have when they first enter the house. They may not even be aware that this subconscious feeling is influencing their decision to buy the real estate in Bulgaria, but it most certainly does. If you are... Read more..
Attracting Buyers to Your Sunny Beach Property
Bulgaria properties are attracting more and more attention as the cost of living in most major resort areas continues to rise.  Locations such as Spain, the south of France, the Caribbean, and even South America have seen costs rising at a steady annual rate, even while the worldwide recession has kept wages and earnings lower than normal.  Bulgaria, however, has remained an oasis of low-cost... Read more..
Top Reasons to Move to Bulgaria
Many of us dream of a new life in a different country but think of a million reasons why we can’t make the dream a reality. Bulgaria has attracted expatriates to its shores for many years and continues to do so. Indeed, property experts House Sales Bulgaria ( helps countless people realise their dream of moving into a property in Bulgaria and starting a new life there.... Read more..
How Clean Do You Need to Leave Your Bulgaria Property After Selling It?
If you have sold your property in Bulgaria, and are moving out so that the next owners can move in, you might be wondering what the appropriate level of cleanliness is that the house should be in when they arrive? As a home seller, it is your responsibility to clean your real estate in Bulgaria to a certain level before handing it over to the buyers. However, what does this mean? There are often... Read more..
Bulgarian Real Estate Market Improved in First Half of 2011
It seems the worst may be over for the Bulgarian real estate market. Property portal House Sales Bulgaria ( can reveal that the market for property in Bulgaria improved in the first half of 2011 according to data from local property agencies as reported in the Bulgarian national newspaper The Sofia Echo.After a period of stasis, real estate in Bulgaria has “gained... Read more..
The Steps for Preparing to Sell Your Property in Bulgaria
If you are planning to sell property in Bulgaria, it can be a long and drawn out process. Selling property in Bulgaria, or anywhere in the world for that matter, requires a number of steps to be completed and checks to be made. However, these processes are necessary for the real estate in Bulgaria to change hands. When you are preparing to sell your property in Bulgaria, here are the steps that you... Read more..
Selling Your Sunny Beach Property
The Sunny Beach area of Bulgaria, a beautiful resort location on the Black Sea, has long been a favoured destination for holidaymakers.  Some people, in order to free up cash for other investment options, are considering selling their Sunny Beach property. To obtain the best price possible, it is wise to carefully evaluate for-sale properties and compare the property you wish to sell against similar,... Read more..
Bulgaria's property prices fall in Q2
The value of residential properties in Bulgaria dropped during the second quarter of this year, new data has revealed, compared to the same period in 2010. Figures from the National Statistics Institute (NSI) were published by the Sofia Echo, showing that average real estate prices fell by 6.4 per cent during this time. Meanwhile, the NSI research revealed that values declined by 1.6 per cent between... Read more..